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Karasin Group has experience developing small and medium business operations by opening doors for entrepreneurs to grow beyond their previous limits.  We are looking for opportunities where our contribution of knowledge, innovation, and funding can unlock tremendous new value for you and your customers.  If you have solid experience in your industry and see the value of a partner that will work with you to achieve your potential, let us know, we can help.

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Customer-centric Marketing

Karasin Group is a big believer in driving business through Customer Success. Whether you’re selling B2B or B2C, the customer’s journey and experience with your company defines your own success. We’re interested in developing our partner’s businesses using modern marketing strategy, particularly within digital channels, to invigorate well-run businesses that are trying to understand and develop new and innovative customer connections. Let us help you build valuable relationships with your market and generate growth by helping your customers engage and succeed.

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Funding & Partnering

We want to succeed with our partners by aligning our interests and working with you. Karasin Group takes on opportunities where everyone participates in success by creating shared value. We don’t speculate with our funding, rather we look for trusted partners with experience and a business case for applying our resources. If we can invest in an opportunity to bring innovation or new markets to your business, then we want to be with you at the table.

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