Aladdin Homecare:

Challenge: poor cash flow, Poor management, no strategy.

Solution: cash injection, mentorship, financial, marketing and managerial strategic input, alignment with resources and vast network.

Result: Growth from 0 in revenue to 100k in the first year followed by an expansion to 300k in annual revenue over a period of 4 years.

Aladdin Homecare is a steam cleaning service established by Danny Dahdouh in 1994. Danny is a highly reputable expert in his field with over 20 years of experience. He sought out the Karsin group for a loan and partnership in the business. After careful consideration, the Karsin group dove right in. The relationship between Danny and Karsin allowed for rapid growth beyond the industry’s standards for earned revenue. Through this collaboration, the Karasin Group strengthened its ability to penetrate the service based industry.

House Hippo Media:

Challenge: Idea, 0 financing, no background in business

Solution: Strategic implementation, developing the idea into discovery and execution, bringing through a business backbone.

Result: Captivating an audience of influencers around the world. Working with New Balance, Samsung, Sought out by Discovery Channel.

House Hippo media started as napkin-based idea that the Karsin group helped turn into a robust videography company working with influencers in the industry. House Hippo’s founder, Treven Lepage, approached the Karsin group for a partnership to start a videography company. The company started with aerial wedding videography, slowly graduating to promotional advertising for companies such as New Balance and athletes from the Canucks. House Hippo Media has had the pleasure of being sought after by a host of Youtube influencers such as Jon Olsson, Andree Asheem, Casey Neistat and others to collaborate and create with an innovative and modern approach to how videos are produced.  The company’s success has come down to the right mix of Treven’s great understanding of visual media production and the Karsin group’s business know how.

K.V. Business Solutions:

Challenge: Ever changing environment of entrepreneurship, seeking talent.

Solution: integration of marketing/financing/strategy, brand awareness, one stop place for individuals looking to start a business

Result: A platform created for the talented individual ready to take a leap into the entrepreneurship world.

K.V. Business Solutions is the platform for talented individuals who don’t yet have businesses and who need the expertise to avoid the challenges and risks that they may be afraid of in starting their own enterprise. Jarid Vaughan, a kinesiologist and fitness guru, partnered up with the Karsin Group to provide the essentials needed to create this business. This idea to service talented individuals came from the love and passion that both Lev and Jarid have in creating a strong core community and to contribute to society.

Givers Group:

Challenge: Meeting everyone’s needs in the non-profit sector

Solution: Collectively seeking out resources and entrepreneurs.

Result: Meeting the social needs of the community

We don’t need to look any further than in our backyard. Our communities in B.C. deal with social problems such as poverty, malnutrition, violence and lack of basic resources.  Matthew Klapwijk and Lev Karasin have teamed up to help out people in need. Together they have contributed to organizations such as the Greater Vancouver Food Bank and the Children’s Wish Foundation.